Bone Grafting

Are you considering implant dentistry? Have you been told that you suffer from demineralization and bone loss? At Thorncliffe Dental Centre, we are proud to offer bone grafting for our patients that have experienced loss of bone or demineralization. Following the bone grafting procedure, you’ll be the perfect candidate for dental implants. Wondering what can cause bone loss?

  • Missing Teeth
  • Periodontal Gum Disease
  • Genetics
  • Health Conditions
  • Injury/Trauma
  • Ill-Fitting Dentures

About Our Bone Grafting

Have you been told you aren’t a candidate for dental implants due to bone loss? Our bone grafting can reverse this bone loss caused by a variety of issues. Bone grafting can create the foundation you need for treatments such as dental implants, allowing you to restore the appearance, function and even health of your smile.

Bone grafting can be performed using a variety of materials including donated sources, animal sources, synthetic sources and even your own bone depending upon your preference.

Benefits of Bone Grafting

When it comes to improving your appearance with cosmetic dentistry, bone grafting has many benefits. Bone grafting can help improve your overall appearance and restore your natural bone, allowing you to receive dental implants. With dental implants, patients often look better, speak better and can properly eat their favorite foods. Dental implants can improve your overall quality of life permanently, unlike some other options.

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