Dental Bridges

Are you missing one or several of your teeth in a row? Considering dental bridges to restore your smile? At Thorncliffe Dental Centre, we are proud to offer dental bridges for our patients with missing teeth that are interested in restoring the appearance and function of their natural smile.

About Our Dental Bridges

A tooth bridge is used to replace one or more missing teeth in a row. The artificial tooth is anchored onto the neighboring teeth using a dental crown or dental implants. Dental bridges are a cost-effective and reliable option to beautifully restore the function and appearance of your smile when you are missing teeth. Our dental bridges are designed to look just like a natural smile and will blend seamlessly with your natural smile. Dental bridges can improve your appearance and ability to speak, chew and even eat.

Dental Bridges

Benefits of a Dental Bridge

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, our dental bridges have quite a few benefits over the alternative treatment options. These benefits include:

  • Dental bridges are designed to look, feel and function just like natural teeth.
  • Our tooth bridges can improve your ability to speak, chew and eat.
  • Dental bridges can prevent tooth shifting and misalignment.
  • Tooth bridges can allow you to eat your favorite foods again.
  • Dental bridges require no pastes or adhesives to stay in.

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Tired of living life with missing teeth? Ready to restore both the function and appearance of your smile? Contact Thorncliffe Dental Centre today to schedule your consultation for a dental bridge. We’d be happy to examine your smile and determine whether dental veneers in at Thorncliffe Dental Centre are right for you.