Dental Fillings

Are you experiencing a toothache lately? Think you may be suffering from tooth decay? At Thorncliffe Dental Centre, we are proud to offer tooth-colored composite fillings for our patients suffering from decay and cavities. Not sure if you have a cavity? Here are some common symptoms patients experience:

  • Toothache
  • Tooth Sensitivity
  • Temperature Sensitivity
  • Pressure Sensitivity
  • Visible Hole in Tooth
  • Darkening of Tooth

Many patients, however, experience no symptoms until the cavity has become quite advanced. Scheduling routine checkups with your dentist can help with prevention, early detection, and earlier intervention. For a dental filling schedule your appointment with us today.

About Our Composite Fillings

dental filling

Many people do not like the metallic look of silver/mercury amalgam fillings. Amalgam fillings have also been known to contain mercury, a liquid metal that is known to be toxic. Tooth coloured fillings are dental fillings that restore and mimic the natural appearance of the tooth structure and color. They are less prone than metal fillings to cause further cracking of the remaining portion of the tooth. In addition, they can often reinforce a weakened tooth because they are bonded into place.

Benefits of Our Dental Fillings

When it comes to repairing decay or damage, our tooth-colored composite dental fillings have many benefits over the alternative restoration techniques, which include:

  • Dental fillings can prevent further decay, infection and/or damage.
  • Tooth-colored fillings are designed to blend with your smile.
  • Composite fillings do not cause temperature sensitivity.
  • Composite dental fillings can provide additional strength for your tooth.
  • Composite fillings do not expand or contract.
  • Dental fillings can last for many years with proper dental care.

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