Dentures & Partials

If you have missing teeth, or if the teeth you have are so severely damaged that they need to be removed, you may need dentures as the best way to improve your appearance and your oral health. Dentists will work with you to preserve your natural teeth if at all possible, rather than extract them, but sometimes dentures are the only way to provide the appearance of teeth and facilitate eating and speaking. Interested in our dentures services? Contact our dental office for a dentures consultation!

Complete Dentures

Full dentures are the perfect solution for patients that are interested in replacing an entire row of teeth.

Partial Dentures

For patients missing several teeth in a row, our partial dentures can be the perfect option for restoring the appearance of your smile and improving your appearance, ability to speak and eat.

Implant Supported Dentures

Many people with missing teeth wear conventional upper or lower dentures. Lower dentures often present problems. The fit can become loose due to shrinking gum tissue. This can cause irritation to the mouth resulting in sores and pain. A loose fitting lower denture can also restrict the ability to speak and eat. Sometimes, the only relief is in using messy dental adhesives to improve the fit.

Upper dentures are a bit different. They are easier to wear because the suction created by covering the upper palate (roof of the mouth) helps keep the denture in place. However, having the palate covered can also reduce the taste of foods that you are eating.

As our life span has been increasing, the need for some type of highly functional dental replacement system has become increasingly important. With the introduction of dental implants, the need to suffer with uncomfortable dentures has been eliminated. The addition of dental implants in the lower jaw can make it possible to retain a lower denture securely so that you can regain your ability to bite, chew, and smile with confidence. On the upper, the addition of dental implants can remove the need to cover the palate with a denture. This will allow you to enjoy the full taste of the foods that you like.

Are Dentures Right For You?

Ready to restore the appearance, health, and function of your smile? We provide denture services at our Thorncliffe Dental office. For more information, contact us, and we will be more than happy to evaluate your oral health to determine if our services are right for you!