At Thorncliffe Dental, we realize that a range of exceptional services is key to providing high-quality oral care. We are proud to offer the best services in the industry. Come in for a free consultation and see how our team operates. We have a wide range of services we provide to patients, from cosmetic dentistry to emergency dental situations, and have extended our hours for your convenience.


Traditional braces may be used for either functional or aesthetic purposes. It is very common for both teenagers and adults to wear traditional braces. Today, they are available in a range of colors, allowing for an expression of your unique personality.

Made of stainless steel, these braces use a metal bracket, along with your choice of colorful elastic ties, to hold them in place. These apply gentle pressure which gradually shifts the teeth into the desired position.

It is a big decision to make for both teens and adults, which is why Thorncliffe offers free initial consultations and works closely with insurance agencies to find the best option for all patients.

Invisalign® and Clear Aligners

While we believe traditional braces are beautiful on everyone, some may prefer a clear device. Invisalign® is a more aesthetic option. Instead of metal, clear aligners utilize plastic trays which are fitted over your teeth. These trays are nearly invisible but work just as well as traditional braces. This option is best for patients who don’t want the appearance of wearing braces.

The trays can be removed, but it is important to make sure you were wearing them consistently by paying attention to the small indicator marks on the tray. These wear away with use, so you can know if you or your child has been using their aligners consistently.

If you have any questions, Thorncliffe gives free initial consultations to patients considering dental treatment. We work with your insurance and offer very affordable payment plans to fit any budget.

Early and Interceptive Treatment

Early treatment for children is critical to intercept the development of serious dental problems. Particularly, the ages of 7-9 are when a child’s future problems begin to develop. By specializing our care toward this age group, we are able to see potential problems and stop them before they develop.

At Thorncliffe, we customize our care towards the unique needs of children. Our office hours have been extended so that we take less time away from school, as hours at most other offices often coincide with school. We offer both daytime and evening appointments for consultations.

Thorncliffe is your trusted neighborhood orthodontist, working with you on all levels to bring you the best care and lasting results.

Child, Teen, and Adult Treatment

While early childhood is critical, we are passionate about treating all ages. Children, teens, and adults who pass through our doors all experience the care and treatment Thorncliffe provides. Our appointments are available in the morning or evening, so come in anytime it is convenient for a free consultation. At Thorncliffe, we take care of you as if you were our own.