Benefits of Dental Crowns

Benefits of Dental Crowns

Sep 10, 2018

Dental crowns are a significant asset after any tooth repair surgery. They protect the tooth from further damage while providing structural support for the cusps and chewing surface of the tooth. Aside from the protective aspect, dental crowns can prove to be useful in several other ways. Here are five benefits of dental crowns in Toronto, Ontario.

Long Lasting

Dental crowns can last for decades. The trick behind dental crown longevity is the durable materials. You’ll be saving yourself trips back and forth to the dentists for at least 15 years after having a dental crown installed. Nevertheless, you’ll still need to go to the dentist for your bi-annual and maintain a healthy dental care routine.

Instant Cosmetic Improvement

When a dental crown is placed over the tooth, it gives quite a noticeable cosmetic improvement. Dental crowns correct discoloration and deformity of the teeth; these deformities can be anything from a chip, crack, fracture, etc.

Custom Made Smile

Dental crowns are designed for your mouth, and your mouth only. You won’t have the feeling of discomfort as you wear them because they are designed to feel like one of your natural teeth. You ’ll hardly notice you even have a dental crown. “When did that get there?”

Protection After Surgery

Any surgery done to repair tooth decay can leave the tooth exposed to excessive sensitivity while the gums, jawline, and nerves are recovering. Dental crowns in Toronto, Ontario M4H 1C3 solve this problem by covering the tooth to prevent any contact with substances or friction that may irritate the tooth.

Relatively Easy Procedure

Dental crowns are a very straightforward procedure. The dentist will first shape your tooth for it to hold the crown. Then, an impression of your tooth is made and sent to the lab to be manufactured. Within a few weeks waiting time, you’ll have your dental crown from Thorncliffe Dental Centre, and all it requires is one more quick trip to the dentist near you to have it installed.