Bone Grafting: What It Is And Why We Use It

Bone Grafting: What It Is And Why We Use It

May 01, 2019

Bone grafting is a procedure that is performed to supplement bone in your jaw that shrinks when you lose a tooth. The Dentist in M4H 1C3 explains that any similarity between any tooth replacement like a dental implant, bridge, or denture is that they all function best when there is enough bone in your jaw for supporting.

Why Do You Need Bone Grafting

The amount of bone that you have helped in determining the replacement options that you have. When you lose a tooth and don’t have it replaced soon, the bone in the location of missing tooth will continue to shrink over the time. If you lack enough bone density, you will probably not be a good candidate for a dental implant. The success of an implant depends on the density of the jawbone. Without ample bone support to the implant, you will choose a different option such as denture or consider bone graft surgery.

How Bone Grafting Works

According to Dentist near Toronto, the bone we use for grafting depends on the particular situation. However, it has been observed that cadaver bone gives great results. This may sound little strange but the cadaver bone used for grafting is first demineralized and irradiated to be completely safe.

The purpose of bone grafting surgery is to fill the space left by missing tooth and provide a foundation on which the new bone can grow. During the healing process, the body replaces the grafting material with the natural bone.

In case of severe periodontal infection, the dentist can also use bone grafting in combination with other treatments. The correct time for performing bone grafting is immediately after the tooth extraction. However, the dentist can also perform it as a standalone procedure.

Bone grafting is a safe surgery and quite essential is you wish to have dental implants for replacing your missing teeth. At times, artificial bone may also be used for bone grafting procedure. The dentist will let you know about which option is the best for your condition and how the surgery will be performed.