Can Orthodontics Change the Appearance of Your Face?

Can Orthodontics Change the Appearance of Your Face?

Jan 01, 2020

Fixing bad bites and making the teeth look straighter is not the only focus of orthodontists. They also focus on managing and enhancing the facial appearance and profile of a person. Orthodontists can ensure their patients can carry the most attractive smile and facial profile possible after treatment by taking into account the aging and growth changes that will occur during the lifetime of a person.

The orthodontist near you would have trained for an additional three years after obtaining a dental degree in many specialty areas including facial development and growth. An orthodontist with fantastic skills can straighten crooked teeth, overbites, underbites, crossbites, teeth with gaps and other orthodontic issues subtly to improve facial appearance and symmetry.

The facial enhancements provided by the orthodontist are just a side-effect of having the teeth and bite aligned. However, a part of the treatment objectives is also to enhance facial profile in some cases and the results can often be predicted during the consultation to allow you to begin treatment with full confidence.

Orthodontists can manage the faces of young children and adolescents along with adults. Young children have growing teeth in their mouths while others have stopped growing them. The underlying facial growth strongly influences the way each group is treated and is outlined below for your reference.

Pre-Adolescent Treatment

Children between the ages of 7 to 10 must be evaluated by an orthodontist to determine whether early intervention will be helpful to correct problems such as crossbites and overbites. Children must be encouraged to stop thumbsucking which can push their teeth forward and alter the shape of the developing jaw. Chronic breathing from the mouth and snoring or sleep apnea also impact the developing teeth and jaws and are often indicators that the child will benefit from an early orthodontic assessment.

Identifying problems at an early age often reduces the need for further treatment because not all children in this age group will need to be treated but an assessment is necessary to ensure successful long-term outcomes.

Treatment for Adolescents

After teenagers have developed their full set of adult teeth treatment options like traditional braces can be considered if required. This type of traditional orthodontic treatment is generally a requirement for achieving ideal dental alignment and facial balance.

Adolescents that have crooked, protruding, crowded, or teeth with gaps are suitable candidates for traditional braces because they can bring about subtle changes in the facial profile while restoring symmetry and simultaneously creating a beautiful smile.

Traditional braces can be considered as an effective form of treatment for adolescents but the rapid growth and changes observed by orthodontists allow them to work in other ways as well to influence facial growth and function.

Treatment for Adults

Advances in technology have ensured that a range of orthodontic treatments is available for adults that have problem with their face and teeth. Adults can be provided with clear braces, lingual braces, ceramic braces as well as Invisalign to bring about a change in facial appearance and their smile.

Adults with severe imbalances in the face will find the orthodontist working with other specialists such as oral and maxillofacial surgeons to create an expert team that can achieve life-changing and dramatic cosmetic and functional improvements for adults.

If you have a problem with your teeth and facial appearance you should be contacting orthodontics near you for advice. Orthodontists are always recommending treatments that can enhance their patient’s smiles and faces. Most improvements can be achieved with the help of nonsurgical and routine orthodontic treatment. However severe facial imbalances may require some form of surgery to the jaw.

It is extremely important to get advice from an orthodontist who is a specialist when it comes to assessing treatment options for yourself or your children. Orthodontists are dedicating their time to aligning jaws with the help of teeth braces and therefore you can rest assured that the changes in facial appearance will be positive.

Orthodontics can, not only change the appearance of your teeth and smile but also bring about changes to your facial appearance with the treatments that are currently available. Advances in technology have allowed orthodontists to provide the best treatment available to different individuals on a personalized basis.