Dental Fillings are Essential to Restore Your Oral Health

Dental Fillings are Essential to Restore Your Oral Health

Oct 04, 2021

You visit the dentist in East York, Toronto, ON, for your scheduled dental exam when the dentist examines and x-rays your teeth and finally startles you with information that you have cavities in your teeth. The news makes you look at your dentist in disbelief because you think you have been maintaining dental hygiene excellently and following the dentist’s recommended practices. You wonder how then did the cavities develop in your mouth. Even as you remain perplexed by the issue, the dentist recommends you get dental fillings promptly to prevent further damage from your tooth.

Dental cavities are a common reason why many people are getting dental fillings on their teeth. The bacteria in your mouth is constantly working to form a thin film of plaque over your teeth. Plaque is the leading cause of tooth decay and gum disease. Brushing and flossing diligently help remove plaque from your teeth. However, bits of plaque tend to remain between your teeth, eventually leading to the development of cavities. If your dentist discovered the cavities from an x-ray, you likely delayed your dental appointment or perhaps missed one altogether. Therefore you must be ashamed of avoiding appropriate oral care to remain free from problems like cavities. However, as cavities have already developed in your mouth, you must adhere to your dentist’s recommendations and get the cavities treated immediately.

What Kind of Fillings Can You Get for Your Teeth?

Currently, various types of dental filling materials are available with a dental filling in East York, Toronto, ON. However, the type of fillers you have on your teeth will depend on the location of the cavity, the extent of the decay, your budget, and the number of times you are willing to visit the dentist to get the dental fillings.

If you want quick and affordable fillings for your molars, dentists recommend amalgam fillings not aesthetically pleasing but incredibly durable to withstand the significant biting pressures of your back teeth. Silver amalgam fillings have been in use for over a century and have proven themselves an effective remedy against cavities on the molars. In addition, silver fillings have a lifespan of around 10 to 15 years with proper dental hygiene.

If you prefer, you can even have gold fillings so long as you prepare yourself to indulge in the extra expenditure and visit the dentist a couple of times because the fillings are fabricated in a dental laboratory.

If your cavity exists on a front tooth, dentists suggest you have a composite filling tooth-coloured and matching your facial aesthetics. Tooth-coloured fillings don’t have the durability of metal fillings and last for around five to seven years before needing replacements. However, they function excellently by closing the cavity on your tooth and preventing further damage from affecting you.

Keeping dental fillings hidden by using the tooth-coloured variety doesn’t mean you can express delight by not maintaining your dental hygiene appropriately. On the contrary, it is still a reason to feel ashamed and improve your oral hygiene regimen without delay unless you prepare yourself for more trouble from the bacteria in your mouth.

Dental Fillers Serve Many Purposes

Tooth-coloured composite fillers serve many purposes besides filling cavities. Many people with gaps between their teeth rely on teeth gap fillings to prevent or delay the need for orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic treatments leave people with significant financial costs setting them back by $ 3000-$ 5000. On the other hand, getting gaps filled with tooth-coloured composite requires only around $ 400 or less, making it a suitable temporary tooth filling to close the gaps.

Are dental filling procedures painful?

The dental filling procedure from Thorncliffe dental is unlikely to cause any discomfort because you receive local anesthesia in and around the affected tooth. After completing the dental filling, your mouth will likely remain sensitive for at least 24 hours if you have received metal fillings on your molars. The sensitivity will likely subside within a day or two. However, if you are in extreme pain, you can contact the East York dentist, who recommends over-the-counter toothache pain relief medications. Taking the prescribed medicines helps you overcome the discomfort and get back to your regular activities within a day or two.

In reality, you must continue experiencing some embarrassment instead of pain when you have to visit your dentist to receive recommendations for dental fillings because you didn’t maintain your dental hygiene appropriately. It should also be a lesson for you to incorporate new oral hygiene practices to ensure you never develop tooth decay or cavities ever again.