Is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Dec 01, 2019

Tooth extraction is an outpatient procedure where a dentist pulls out a tooth with the intent of preserving your dental health and wellness. Permanent teeth are supposed to last a lifetime but sometimes this is just not possible. Often, when a tooth is removed it is because it is severely damaged either from trauma or disease and repairing it is difficult or hardly effective.

Reasons for a Tooth Extraction

Some common reasons that may force you to undergo a dental extraction include:

  • A crowded mouth – Cosmetic dentistry deems it necessary to remove a tooth or more in order facilitate proper teeth alignment. Crowding happens when your mouth is too small for your teeth and can sometimes even hinder the eruption of a new tooth. An orthodontic may therefore pull out a tooth in preparation for braces to straighten your smile or just create more room that allows other teeth function properly like in case wisdom tooth extraction.
  • Infections – When a tooth decay or damage to the pulp is left untreated, the bacteria in the mouth can enter the pulp and develop into an infection. To correct this, you may need to undergo root canal therapy or in extreme cases an extraction may be necessary to prevent the infection from spreading. Diseases like periodontal gum disease, which is an infection of the tissues and bones supporting teeth, can also cause your teeth to loosen, making an extraction necessary.
  • Risk of Infection – When you are having a compromised immune system maybe associated with other treatments like chemotherapy and organ transplant, the risk of infection in a certain tooth may be high, making it a reason to pull it out.

What Is the Procedure Like?

Tooth extraction in Toronto, ON, can be done by your regular dentist or an oral surgeon. At Thorncliffe Dental Centre it all begins with a detailed and personalized consultation that briefs you on what will be done and why it will be done. We will also address any concerns or questions you may have and once all is set, you will be given a local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth to be extracted. In some cases, a sedative may also be administered or a general anesthetic given. The extraction could either be simple or involve surgery.

For a simple tooth extraction, the tooth has to be visible and intact. It could be a decayed tooth, wisdom tooth or that the dentist is simply creating more room in your mouth. Local anesthetic will begiven and then an instrument called an elevator will be used to lose the tooth and forceps will be used to remove it. You may be offered some pain medication to deal with the pain after the procedure.

Surgical tooth extraction on the other hand is a little complex. It is used for teeth that may not be visible in the mouth or those that are broken. The dentist or oral surgeon has to make a small incision on your gums and if need be removing some bone around the tooth before being able to remove the tooth. If the tooth is broken, small fragments will be removed at a time until the entire tooth is out.

Healing and Recovery

After either a simple extraction or a teeth surgery, you need to follow some tips that will aid in your healing and recovery. You should begin by eating soft foods as you wait for the area to heal. Before the anesthesia effects completely wears off, stick to liquid foods and then for the first few days you can imit yourself to soft foods only. You are not supposed to brush the treated area immediately after an extraction, but you can brush the rest of your teeth. after two days the area may be feeling much better and you can carefully practice proper oral care routine. Our dentist in Toronto may give you additional aftercare advice depending on your personal situation.

In case you have any questions about tooth extraction cost, preparation, recovery and the procedure itself. You can contact us or visit our clinic by booking an appointment and our team of professionals will help you out.