Living with Periodontal Disease Can Be a Challenge for Everyone

Living with Periodontal Disease Can Be a Challenge for Everyone

Feb 07, 2020

Living with periodontal disease can cause aesthetic complications and bone loss of a serious nature. Unlike other injuries, periodontal disease does not cause any pain. It is a silent disease when the teeth gum becomes inflamed and bleeds. It is a cause of lack of proper attention by people to their teeth because of reasons ranging from neglect, the inability to receive oral care, or even depression. If you are suffering from a similar problem you should be scheduling an appointment with a periodontist for the treatment needed.

Dentists regularly advise patients not to neglect oral care especially when it can be prevented before it progresses into an advanced condition. Periodontal disease affects people who neglect oral care either because they cannot afford it or are simply too busy to care about it. The condition would have affected you in the mildest form as gingivitis and would only have progressed to periodontal disease because you neglected regular dental visits for checkups and cleanings which would have acted as a preventive measure. Now that you have periodontal disease you have no option but to live with and care for it regularly with frequent visits to your dentist.

How Can Periodontal Disease Affect You?

Gum disease is quite common and affects many people damaging the soft tissue and bone supporting the teeth. Left untreated the condition can lead to tooth loss. It can also increase the risks associated with strokes, heart attacks, and other health problems. Therefore, this condition can affect you in many ways besides the problem in your mouth.

The condition of gingivitis can easily be reversed with brushing and flossing every day along with regular cleaning by a dentist or a dental hygienist. Gingivitis does not cause any bone loss or tissue that holds the teeth in place leaving all the major problems to the advanced condition of periodontitis. Therefore apart from living with the condition will also have to learn to manage it effectively to ensure it doesn’t progress any further to leave you with unmanageable expenses.

Suggestions for People Suffering from Periodontitis

Several options are available to get over the problem of periodontal disease. You can consider having all your teeth removed and have implant-supported prostheses for fixing the position of the teeth and gums. This will be an expensive option that could set you back by thousands of dollars. Alternatively, you can continue visiting the dentist in Toronto for regular checkups and cleanings and be happy by keeping your teeth extremely clean.

You must be prepared to make dramatic changes in your life if you are serious about combating gum disease. This is a complex case and fixing all problems may appear impossible. However, you can still have better results by following the advice of a dentist and taking proper care of your oral hygiene.

In extreme cases, periodontists may recommend prescription antimicrobial mouth rinse to control the bacteria when treating this condition, especially after surgery if it is conducted. They may even suggest antiseptic chips and antibiotic gel as a remedy for the condition but retaining the natural teeth will be difficult when periodontal disease has affected the mouth.

Periodontal surgery along with deep cleanings, bone grafting, splinting may help you to save your natural teeth when suffering from this condition. However, if the periodontist determines that some teeth cannot be saved extraction would be the better option besides having dental implants to replace the missing teeth. Research is available to prove that dental implants do not lead to an increased risk of gum disease, tooth decay, and root canal problems. However, as mentioned earlier dental implants are more expensive than properly maintaining your teeth and visiting your dentist for regular appointments.

Preventing Periodontal Disease Is Easier Than Treating It

Treating periodontal disease is a challenge that is difficult to overcome but preventing it is rather easy for everyone. The dentist in Toronto suggests brushing and flossing every day and reporting any problems of bleeding in the gums immediately as it is noticed. It is the first sign of possible gingivitis which when left untreated progresses into the condition of periodontitis. Gingivitis can be reversed but periodontitis cannot. Under circumstances, care must be taken by everyone to prevent periodontal disease by suppressing gingivitis during the initial stages.