Protect Your Teeth and Smile with Dental Crowns

Protect Your Teeth and Smile with Dental Crowns

May 08, 2020

Has the dentist in Toronto just stated that the oversized cavity in your mouth cannot be repaired with fillings but instead offered you a tooth crown? The information would send concerns in your mind wondering what you need to do to adhere to the suggestion of the dentist. However, these solutions are quite common and are offered to many people including those who undergo root canal therapy because their teeth would also be weakened and need protection. The best way to protect the teeth is to have a tooth cap placed over the tooth because it can provide both protection to the affected tooth and help you to maintain your smile.

Damaged teeth are routinely being restored by a cap known as a dental crown that can be made from different materials including metal and porcelain. The crown may be placed over a molar that is rarely visible or even on your front teeth as they are specifically designed to match your other teeth. You need to consider several factors when choosing a crown including the costs, the durability, and the strength of the crown.

Different Types of Crowns

As you have been recommended a dental cap you may as well understand the different types of crowns that are available. You will be able to find a zirconia crown as well as a porcelain crown along with crowns made from composite resin, metal, and a combination of materials. Your dentist will help you to choose the material for the crown after considering factors like:

  • The location of your tooth.
  • The visibility of the tooth when you smile.
  • The function of the tooth needing the crown.
  • The color of the neighboring teeth.

As you are making the investment you will have an option to discuss your preference with the dentist as well.

The Costs for Dental Crowns

You can expect to invest a significant sum for dental crowns depending on the material you choose and the preparation work the dentist has to perform before placing the crown. If you decide to have a gold crown the cost would be around $ 2500 but the average price for a traditional crown is around $ 800-$ 1500. Dental insurers may cover part of the costs but they may specify the type of crown you can have. You can discuss with your dentist about the type of crowns available and suitable for your dental needs to help you determine the dental costs.

The Procedure for Dental Crowns

The procedure for the dental crown will depend on whether your dentist can provide just traditional crowns or is also capable of providing you same-day crowns. You will be required to visit the dentist’s office twice if you are getting traditional crowns.

The dentist will examine and prepare the tooth needing the crown and may also take x-rays of the tooth. Impressions of the tooth and your mouth will also be taken. The tooth will be filed down to remove a part of the outer layer after which another impression will be taken of the trimmed tooth and neighboring teeth for the dental laboratory. As your filed tooth would have weakened the dentist will place a temporary crown for protection.

The impression forwarded to the dental laboratory will require several weeks before it is returned with the permanent crowns at which time you must visit your dentist again to get the temporary crown removed and the permanent crown bonded to your tooth.

If the dentist can offer you same-day crowns digital pictures of your mouth and tooth will be taken to create fresh ceramic teeth for you right at the dentists’ office. This procedure requires CAD/CAM technology and can be completed in approximately 2 to 4 hours. However, these are likely to cost you more and in many cases, some dentists have not invested in the technology and therefore you must be prepared to consider both options. The dentist in Toronto, however, has the technology and can offer you both varieties if you are willing to have them.

Protecting Your Teeth with the Crowns

You have protected your teeth with a tooth crown but you also need to care for the crowns if you want to prolong their life. Besides brushing and flossing you must also avoid hard foods that can cause the crowns to crack. If you are habitually grinding and clenching your teeth you must discuss the problem with your dentist to have a nightguard developed for your mouth. If you take proper care of your crown you can expect them to last for 5 to 15 years.

Having the protection will mean you will be able to display your smile without fear as you would have covered the deficiencies with your teeth adequately.

Still confused about the dental crown procedure? Don’t worry, book an appointment with our dentist near you in Toronto, ON, and consult about the procedure of dental crown and its advantages.